Thursday, March 6, 2014

Common Core is the Devil!


Facebook can be bad for your health. I clicked on an image in my news feed asserting "This is Common Core." The picture depicted two methods of solving a simple subtraction problem - the standard algorithm, and a method involving using addition to solve a subtraction problem. Man, the venom spewing from people out there on the web was vile and misinformed.

Maybe we should start focusing on teaching logic and critical thinking more heavily in school, because there's a serious deficiency in the thought processes of the average Facebook commenter.

I was able to find a link to a well-written blog post over on HuppieMama that clearly explained the scenario, but I'll be damned if those Facebook trolls hadn't beaten me to it and started filling its comments with the same rhetoric:

“I got A’s all throughout school and took quantum mechanics and measure theory in college. Therefore, the way I learned math is the only way everyone should learn math.”

“Any student who doesn’t understand the standard algorithm is obviously deficient and should be sent back a grade.”

“I was a student, therefore I know all the best ways to teach.”

“The standard algorithm is obvious to me, therefore the only logical conclusion is that it is obvious to all others.”

“Common Core was designed and created by the Devil to trick all of us into raising a generation of mindless robots who are slaves to the government.”

Really, people? Let's use some common sense, calm down, and think clearly.

I really need to figure out how to disable comment notifications on that thread - every time I get an e-mail saying a new comment was added, I feel my blood pressure start to rise...
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